Power System Analysis

We offer static and dynamic power system studies on several topics, such as:

  • Load flow and short-circuit calculations
  • Contingency analysis
  • PV and QV analysis
  • Frequency stability
  • Transient and voltage stability
  • Modelling of power system and components
  • Insulation coordination studies (lightning and switching studies)
  • Series compensation
  • Sub-synchronous resonance
  • HVDC and FACTS dynamic performance studies

Power Plant Studies

Protrol performs studies for all types of power plants such as combined heat and power, hydro, wind turbines, nuclear and PV.

  • Grid code compliance
  • Transient stability and low-voltage ride through
  • Protection studies
  • Power quality and harmonics. Filter design.
  • Motor start
  • Modelling of power plants and power plant components.

Validation of power plant performance

Validation of the power plant performance primarily comprises testing of governor and excitation system response. Protrol has elaborated a state-of-the-art plant test equipment based on in-house developed hardware and software with validated performance from both laboratory testbench setups and on-site tests. The test method supports both open-loop and closed-loop verification of controllers and equipment.

  • Frequency control.
  • Voltage control.
  • Island operation test (using hardware in the loop simulations)
  • Validation of simulation models.
  • Compliance testing in regards to RfG requirements
  • Pre-qualification tests for ancillary services (FCR-N/D, FFR, FRR, etc)